Our company will be participating as a speaker and panelist at the “FIN/SUM 2023” event organized by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun and the Financial Services Agency, which will be held from March 28 to March 31, 2023.

We will be participating in and sponsoring the “FIN/SUM 2023 (Fintech Summit 2023)” event organized by the Nikkei Inc. and the Financial Services Agency, which will be held from March 28th (Tuesday) to March 31st (Friday) in 2023. Our Executive Officer, Nobuaki Ninomiya, will be speaking at the event. “FIN/SUM 2023” is an event where prominent figures from the financial industry, Fintech, and web3, including Toshifumi Suzuki, Minister of Finance, and Minister in charge of Financial Affairs for the Cabinet Office, will be speaking, with the concept of “FIN/SUM 2023 – The Era of ‘New Individuals’ in Fintech.” The event will feature keynote speeches, dialogues, panel discussions, workshops, and startup pitches by executives from financial institutions, IT companies, Fintech companies, web3 companies, startup founders, and officials from the Financial Services Agency, to share the future of finance/Fintech in the new era with everyone.

【Speech in Dialogue Format by Executive Officer Nobuaki Ninomiya】
Title: Meeting Style Presentation by Executive Officer Nobuaki Ninomiya
Topic: Addressing the Increasing Power Demand of Data Centers in the Web3 Era – Utilizing Renewable Energy Overseas and International Contributions
Date and Time: March 28th (Tuesday) 12:05-12:35
Moderator: Mr. Shigehisa Shibayama / Senior Producer, Editorial Comprehensive Commentary Center, Nikkei Inc.
With the advent of the web3 era, the power demand of data centers related to blockchain is expected to increase rapidly. To address this issue, ideas have emerged to utilize renewable energy overseas. This presentation will introduce efforts that consider clean energy, international contributions to developing countries, and the utilization of the “Joint Crediting Mechanism” (JCM) as a possible solution. (Statistics and data will be used for explanation on the day of the presentation.)

【Panel Discussion with Executive Officer Nobuaki Ninomiya as a Participant.】
Title: Organizer Panel Discussion featuring Executive Officer Nobuaki Ninomiya
Topic: The Power of New Business Opportunities from the Intersection of ESG, Finance, and Technology
Date and Time: March 31st (Friday) 11:00-11:50
On the day of the event, discussions will be held on the necessity of environmentally-conscious actions for the evolution of Fintech technology. For event registration, please check the following website: https://eventregist.com/e/finsum2023
Overview of FIN/SUM 2023:
Event Name: FIN/SUM 2023
Date and Time: March 28th (Tuesday) to March 31st (Friday), 2023
Venue: Marunouchi Building Hall 7F
*Hybrid event combining in-person sessions and online distribution
Organized by: Nikkei Inc., Financial Services Agency (FSA)

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