Logistics DX Solution

Web-based strategic logistics solution

To achieve efficiency improvement and total cost reduction in each warehouse by visualizing logistics


Proposal from Muroosystems

By providing a Warehouse Management System which utilizes internet access, we are able to visualize logistics and standardize operations within each warehouse, achieving operational efficiency and total cost reduction.

By providing Electronic Data Interchange (electronic data exchange commerce) based on a unified label, we try to save labor by eliminating the need to create different invoices and labels, and we also achieve simplification of operations by history management based on performance data in the system.

Reconstruction of the current system was achieved in a short period of time and at a low cost by providing a small-lot delivery core business system which uses a virtual private network (dedicated line) from invoice issuance to billing, tracing, payment collection management, and credit management. Realizes centralized management of various information and standardization of operations, and realizes further labor saving in billing data input work by inputting cargo information using a handy terminal at the time of collection.

We will make an automated warehouse system which realizes unmanned warehouse.

Logistics DX Solutions
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