International trade DX business

Muroosystems Supply Chain

Centrally manage manufacturing/import/export management/payment with cloud DB


Proposal from Muroosystems

Using a blockchain-type database (traceable, tamper-proof, information-sharing), we centrally manage the supply chain of multinational products (a series of systems from manufacturing to supply), import/export administration, and payment on the cloud. So, we've prepared the platform.

By carrying out document-based contracts and transactions related to international trade on a common platform, it is possible to visualize distribution, and by sharing this series of information between computers connected to the blockchain DB and monitoring each other. Also it is possible to prevent data tampering while ensuring transparency. So you can secure more peace of mind and trust.

Sharing accurate transaction details with end-to-end visibility brings new efficiencies and opportunities to international trade.

It is also possible to perform import/export administrative agency and payment/receipt management.

International Trade DX Business
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